7 Reasons to Say ‘YES’ to a Nissan Sentra

August 17th, 2016 by

Whether you live downtown, uptown, or in the country- The Nissan Sentra is a perfect vehicle for anyone. You’ll be surprised all that comes wrapped in this very stylish sedan.  Here are the 7 reasons that will have you thinking:  “Yes. I should drive a Sentra too.”


1. Price

The 2016 Sentra is really affordable. Currently here at Quirk we are selling it for only $15,490 ! Also, you can get a lease for $45 a month! Check it out now here.

2. Fuel Efficiency

All 5 trims that we have in stock deliver at least 38mpg on the road and 30 in the city! We think it’s pretty important to get some stellar gas mileage.

3. Interior Room2016-nissan-sentra-rear-cargo-storage

You have plenty of room for your 5 passengers. Also, there is a spacious trunk and you have 60/40 folding rear seats. Your passengers surprisingly have a lot of head clearance too!

4. Safety Features

The 2016 Sentra is equipped with side impact beams, dual stage driver and passenger side airbags and front airbags. Also, electronic stability control, low tire pressure control, and driveline traction control are additional safety features.

5. Style

The Sentra has a similar style to the Altima. But it has a sleek outside front and a chrome grill. There are chrome side windows. Glass is lightly tinted. And there is also chrome door handles throughout the models.

6. Affordable Maintenance

Nissan Sentra isn’t an expensive car to maintain. Plus, you can take it to the nearest Quirk service center and be treated like royalty. Regular maintenance on Sentra’s will prevent anything major to the cars.

7. Built to Last Engine

All trims on the Sentra come with a 1.8L engine pushing out 130 horsepower. The Sentra is known to have a durable engine and our Nissan Service Center receives very few complaints.


Come on in for a test drive at our dealership.  You deserve it!

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