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Our certified service technicians use advanced diagnostics tools and technologies designed for Nissan vehicles. At Quirk our goal is to make vehicle maintenance as convenient as possible that's why we now offer the ability to book online. It can be difficult to know when to service your vehicle so we've included some of the more common maintenance needs and how to identify them before they become more costly problems.

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Know when to schedule service




Wheels and tires will naturally wear down overtime and without regular service can lead to larger repair costs or permanent damage. the best way to avoid lasting damage is to fix or replace worn parts before they get worse, we recommend you inspect your wheels and tires at least once a month to ensure everything is operating properly. 

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Worn Out Tires?

Tires can wear down in many different ways and depending on how they're worn can effect your driving differently. Having unevenly worn tires can lead to suspension issues, poor alignment, or even flat tires. You can check the amount of wear by placing a penny in the treads of your tires and using the diagram to the measure the depth of the wear and the safety of you tires. The best way to combat larger maintenance costs is to get a tire rotation every 6 months.



Brake Issues?

There are many signs your brakes may need service its important to be aware and schedule maintenance before damage occurs. If you notice your brake warning light is on or its taking longer to come to a complete stop its a good time to schedule service. Other signs you may need service would include squealing or grinding noises when braking or your vehicle pulling to the side while braking.